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Tadpole Tunes, for DOS

A collection of jigs, reels, polkas, hornpipes, waltzes, slides and slip jigs, written by Ron Clarke.

This comes as a zipped file, and it must be unzipped to yield the player: "FREESTYL.EXE" and a collection of tune files: "TT*.FST".

It runs under DOS 3.x or newer, or can be launched from Windows 3.1x or from beWilderers 9x, and plays through the PC speaker.

It does not require any kind of sound card or fancy equipment. You see, I suffered from the poverty and could not afford any of those things myself, for a time.

By absolute coincidence, I had devised a system of musical notation for DOS that was similar in many respects to abc notation, but not as sophisticated. If there is enough interest, I may attempt to expand this player to handle abc files as well.

Click here to download a ZIP of Freestyle Music Player and a small collection of Tadpole Tunes, only about 62 kb.

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