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Tadpole Tunes ZIPS, Links and Resources Page

Page last modified: December 31st 2008 Australian time.

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Download ZIP Files of these pages

Goodbye PHIL KATZ,
and thank you for PKZIP.

This is a new set of archives, updated April 2006

Bluegrass MIDIs
Download zip-file           75,073 bytes, updated April 2006.
Tadpole Tunes in MIDIs
Download zip-file           106,862 bytes, updated April 2006.
Folk Songs, words and MIDIs
Download zip-file           402,055 bytes, updated April 2006.
The Collection of Celtic Reels
Download zip-file           207,504 bytes, updated April 2006.
Celtic (1) MIDIs
Download zip-file           163,760 bytes, updated April 2006.
Celtic (2) MIDIs
Download zip-file           155,406 kb, updated April 2006.
Celtic (3) MIDIs.... NEW !
Download zip-file           105,858 bytes, updated April 2006.

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Other MIDI and Music Sites

Barry Taylor's The Great Canadian Tunebook
This is Barry Taylor's new site.
Over 130 traditional favourites in MIDI format.
Barry Taylor's work was a major part of what made me get involved in sequencing MIDIs in the first place. For those unfamiliar with Barry's work, you should take the time to visit this page, and also the mirror of his previous website, Traditional Tunes in MIDI format , now hosted by Lesley Nelson's Site.
Dick Gaughan's Home Page.
An excellent, well presented, site from an accomplished professional folk singer, songwriter and composer. Dick also has a great collection of sheet music (as .GIFs) as well as a very good set of links. And this is a site where you do NOT need to have the bloated browsers demanded by a lot of other websites.
Really worth a visit !
Folk Music Web Ring.
A large, active, list of web sites related to Folk Music, including Tadpole Tunes.
Not all the sites listed have MIDIs.
Folk Music picked up.
A collection of Celtic and Danish music (words and music) in a very fine setting. Links to musical software as well as other Celtic sites.
Ancient Music of Ireland - NEW address.
A very informative site containing a wealth of information on some early Irish music. Some of the pages contain some beautifully crafted harp and pipes MIDI files, particularly the O'Carolan page and the Ancient Music page. You can even download the entire site in a zipped file - you have to ask where it is in the Guest-Book.
If you visit only one more site today, go to this one !
The Contemplator's Web Site.
Great resource for MIDIs, music, and all Folk including Celtic & American.
Bonnie Prince Charlie.
Christian Souchon's site of songs relating to the Jacobite rebellion and the Young Pretender: Bonnie Prince Charlie.
The words are supported by MIDIs, including those sequenced by Barry Taylor - one of the best MIDI sequencers.
Failte to G8INA's Irish Music Links
A "LINKS" page to a lot of things Irish, Celtic or simply musical.
And: A number of zipped collections to download !
Folk Music In N.E. Scotland.
John Slaven's site is concerned with the folk scene in north-east Scotland, bands, clubs, music. Although partially under construction (last time I checked), is well worth a visit.
Also some good links from here.
Henry Kochlin's Folk Song Book.
A Collection of Songs, Words, MIDIs and links. Nicely done.
Both English and German text.
My favourite musical collaborator, and a singer and musician in his own right.
Jack's MIDI Music
A great starting point for those interested in MIDI Music in many styles with links to many others.
Over 1400 top quality MIDI's on-line.
Examples and tests for MIDI music and tribute pages to original MIDI sequencers.
MIDI examples and tests and links to many more.
Only Music: Folk, New Age, Guitar, Bagpipes
The music pages of Fernando Garcia Arias of Spain, in Spanish and English.
A number of MIDIs (including some original compositions) and Links.
Gladys' Celtic Corner.
See also Gladys' Mixed Bag
A Collection music, MIDIs and links, relating to Celtic fiddle. New website, being re-built.
Irish Guitar Music
Irish Guitar Music as played by Frank Simon.
A commercial enterprise, but short MP3 samples are available free of charge.

If you have a MIDI site, and would like to set up mutual links, either email me, or write it in the Visitor's Book.

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