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Bluegrass Tunes - the MIDIs

A collection of bluegrass tunes, written by other people and sequenced by Ron Clarke.

The choice of instrument "voices" and the general arrangements are mine, so do not blame the tunes if you do not find them pleasing to you. If you do like them, please say "hello" in my Visitor's Book.

If you like what I do here, then remember:
I can do requests for a VERY small fee.
Just ask.

I believe that all of these tunes are no longer under copyright, except where marked. If I am wrong, please email me.

The Barley Grain Sep '99
Billy in the Lowground Feb 2000
Brigham Young Sep '99
Buckeye Jim Sep '99
The Buffalo Skinners Sep '99
The Butcher's Boy Sep '99
Cindy. Sep '99
Cold Frosty Morning Feb 2000
The Cuckoo Bird Sep '99
The Days of '49 Sep '99
Daughters, Will You Marry ? Sep '99
Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill Sep '99
Ground Hog Sep '99
Hard and It's Hard Sep '99
Hieland Laddie Sep '99
A Horse Named Bill Sep '99
The Hunters of Kentucky Sep '99
Jenny Jenkins Sep '99
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy Sep '99
John Hardy Sep '99
Johnson Boys Sep '99
Katy Cruel Sep '99
The Kentucky Bootlegger Sep '99
Leatherwing Bat Sep '99
The Lily of the West Sep '99
Mary-Anne Sep '99
Nine Hundred Miles Sep '99
Oh, Babe It Ain't No Lie Sep '99
Old Dan Tucker Sep '99
Old Time Religion Sep '99
Pastures of Plenty - (Woody Guthrie). Sep '99
Railroad Bill Sep '99
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms Sep '99
Sail Away Ladies Sep '99
Sally Ann Sep '99
Shady Grove Sep '99
Sinner Man Sep '99
Sourwood Mountain Jan 2000
Turkey in the Straw (I) Jan 2000
Turkey in the Straw (II) Feb 2002
Wabash Cannonball Sep '99
The Wayfaring Stranger
(bluegrass version)
Jan 2000
The Wayfaring Stranger
(as a "mournful hymn")
March 2002
Whistle, Daughter, Whistle Sep '99
Wildwood Flower Sep '99

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