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Celtic Tunes - a Second Personal Collection of MIDIs

Another collection of Celtic tunes written by other people and sequenced by me, (Ron Clarke).

I would like to thank Richard Darsie for kind permission to include some of his compositions in this collection. He is also the source for the sheet music for a number of the other tunes.

Where the tune is attributed to a particular musician, then it has been sequenced directly from a transcription of a particular performance of that musician. The choice of instrument "voices" and the general arrangements are mine, so do not blame the musicians if you do not find them pleasing. If you do like them, please say "hello" in my Visitor's Book.

ODDS and SODS      

After the Flood
© Richard Darsie 1995.
February 2000
Alexander's Hornpipe February 2000
Cronin's Hornpipe (i) February 2000
Cronin's Hornpipe (ii)
aka: Cornphíopa Uí Chróinín
from the playing of Séamas Ennis (pipes)
March 2000
see also: Miss Dunphy's Hornpipe
February 2000
McDermott's Hornpipe
aka: Cornphíopa Mhic Dhiarmada
From the playing of Paddy O'Brien (accordion)
March 2000
Miss Dunphy's Hornpipe
aka: Cornphíopa Uí Dhonnchaidh
From the playing of Pat Mitchell (pipes)
see also: Dunphy's
February 2000
The Ruby March 2000
Sliabh na mBan March 2000
The Wonder Hornpipe February 2000

Anthony Frawley's Jig
from the playing of Patrick Kelly (fiddle)
February 2000
Apples in Winter
see also: Kennedy's Jig
February 2000
Arthur Darley's Jig
aka: The Swedish Jig
February 2000
The Blooming Meadows February 2000
The Corn is Ripe
© Richard Darsie 1992.
February 2000
Daniel of the Sun
aka: Dónall na Gréine / The Bonny Highlander / The Bottle of Brandy / Bucky Highlander / Bully for You / Gillinadrower / The Leg of the Duck / Nelly's Jig / O My Dear Father, Pity Your Daughter / O My Dear Judy / She is the Girl that Can Do It / Sonny Dan / The Western Jig / Teddy you Gander
from the playing of Micko Russell (flute, whistle)
April 2000
Fruit for the Ladies
aka: Apples in Winter / Gillan's Apples / Jackson's Growling Cat / The Longford Jig / Rise of the Grouse / Úllaí Ui Ghiolláin
from the playing of Patrick Kelly (fiddle).
February 2000
Kennedy's Jig
aka: Apples in Winter / General White's Jig / The Misfortunate Rake / Next Sunday is My Wedding Day / Rattle the Quilt / Rattle the Quilt to Pieces / The Shamrock / The Squint-Eyed Piper / The Unfortunate Rake / An Píobair Caoch / Réice an Mhí-ádha
from the playing of James McEnery (fiddle).
February 2000
Will You Come Home With Me ?
aka: Tiocfaidh tú Abhaile liom
from the playing of James McEnery (fiddle)
February 2000

Kitty O'Connor February 2000

The Bog Down in the Valley Updated
Sep '99
Church Street Updated
Sep '99
The Dashing White Sargeant Updated
Sep '99
Davy Knick-knack Updated
Sep '99
The Galopede Updated
Sep '99
The Forty Pound Float Updated
Sep '99
Johnny, I Do Miss You Feb 2000
The Rakes of Mallow Updated
Sep '99
Newcastle Updated
Sep '99
New York Girls Updated
Sep '99
Pat Horgan's Polka No. 1 Updated
Sep '99
Pat Horgan's Polka No. 2 Updated
Sep '99
Portsmouth Updated
Sep '99
The Rose Tree Updated
Sep '99
Scarterglen Updated
Sep '99
St Mary's Updated
Sep '99
Sweeney's Updated
Sep '99

The Athol Braes (i)
aka: An Colúr ar an nGeata / The Drinking Reel / The Drunken Tailor / Gallagher's Best / The Lagan Slashers / League and Slasher / The Pidgeon on the Gate/ The Pidgeon on the Pier / Reidy's Reel / The Scotch Braes / The Wandering Tinker
from the playing of Sonny McDonagh (flute)
February 2000
The Athol Braes (ii)
from the playing of Laurence McDonagh (flute)
February 2000
Bay of Fundy February 2000
Belles of Tipperary February 2000
Bucks of Carranmore
aka: Boic Óráin Mhóir / Bucks of Cranmore / Bucks of Oranmore / The Hearty Bucks
from the playing of Patrick Kelly (fiddle)
February 2000
The Castlebar Traveller
aka: The Gossan that beat his Father / The Humours of Loughrea / The Laurel Bush / Lochiel's Away to France, but He'll Come Again / Lochiel's Rant / Lough Aisles Return / On the Sly / The Reel of Bogie / The Showman's Reel / Spence's Reel / Twehey's Reel / The West Gale / The Yeoman's Reel / An Gasúr a thug Leadradh dá Athair
from the playing of Johnny Maguire (whistle)
February 2000
Castle Kelly February 2000
The Copper Plate February 2000
The Devil's Dream February 2000
Dinny O'Brien's Reel February 2000
Don't be Foolish
aka: Bláthanna an Chnoic Rua / The Flowers of Redhill / The Hod Carrier
from the playing of Jimmie McGettrick (whistle)
April 2000
Dowd's Favourite February 2000
Down the Broom February 2000
The Dunmore Lasses February 2000
Far From Home February 2000
The Flower of the Flock
aka: An Buachaillín Fionn
from the playing of Micko Russell (flute, whistle)
May 2000
The Humours of Ballyconnell February 2000
The Hunter's House
© Ed Reavey
February 2000
Inimitable Reel February 2000
Julia Delaney February 2000
The Knocknabowl Reel
aka: Cnoc na bPoll
from the playing of Denis Murphy (fiddle)
March 2000
The Lady on the Island February 2000
The Maid Behind the Bar February 2000
The Maid of Mt. Cisco February 2000
Man of the House February 2000
Mayor Harrison's Fedora
from the playing of Peter O'Loughlin (flute and fiddle)
February 2000
The Merry Harriers
aka: Na Fiairí Feá
from the playing of Paddy Ryan (fiddle)
February 2000
The Missing Guest
aka: Cú Uí Mhurchú / Murphy's Greyhound
from the playing of "Junior" Crehan (fiddle)
February 2000
Mother's Delight
aka: Aoibhneas na Máther
from the playing of Peter O'Loughlin (flute and fiddle)
February 2000
Moving in Decency
aka: Ag Bogadh linn go Measúil
from the playing of Jim Conroy (flute)
March 2000
untitled reel
from the playing of James Byrne (fiddle)
February 2000
untitled reel
from the playing of Jim McGuirk (fiddle)
February 2000
untitled reel
from the playing of Micko Russell (flute and whistle)
February 2000
untitled reel
from the playing of Paddy O'Brien (accordion)
February 2000
untitled reel
from the playing of Paddy Taylor (flute)
February 2000
untitled reel
from the playing of Tommy Peoples (fiddle)
February 2000

The Cat Rambles to the Child's Saucepan
aka Mary Willie's Slide
February 2000

Butterfly February 2000
The Old Brown Slipper
aka: An Seanslipéirín Donn
from the playing of Tim Leahy (accordion)
March 2000

The Battle of Glencoe
(Massacre of Glencoe) - Words and music by Jim McLean
Published by Duart Music of London
March 2000
Cabri Waltz March 2000
Midnight on the Water March 2000

An dro ... a Breton dance February 2000
The Arran Boat ... Air February 2000
Dark Isle ... Air February 2000
Galway Bay ... Song March 2000
The Hills of Lorne ... Air February 2000

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